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Will Christian TV Guide Us into A New Era of Gospel Effectiveness?

Will we become more engaged with our community, or less?

Will Christian TV Guide Us into A New Era of Gospel Effectiveness?
Will Christian TV Guide Us into A New Era of Gospel Effectiveness?

What are the benefits of Christian TV?

What is the role of Christian TV in our day? And can Christian TV guide us into a new era of faith arising and evangelistic success?

The wonderful advances of Christian television present a question we need to ask: will Christian TV guide us into a new era of Gospel effectiveness? Or will Christian TV guide us to become even more disconnected from our communities?

A subjective view

This article will not serve as a scientific, data-driven investigation. We will simply express a feeling of concern, and pose some questions for our readers. And the question we ought to ask ourselves is, does Christian TV guide us to become more engaged with our neighbors, or less?

Here’s something we don’t know, but could probably research and learn the answer:

The printing press – a disconnector?

When the printing press first appeared in quantity, did book reading serve to disconnect people from their neighbors? Or did it help them serve their neighbors better?

Again, we are just guessing, but certainly printed books gave people common terminology to use for things. Printed books gave us the possibility of learning from others who were not present. And printed books communicated the news, views and experiences from others far, far away – testimonies, you could say. With them we “heard” the words of people we would never see in person.


I may never meet Bill Johnson in person, or Heidi Baker, or Daniel Kolenda. But I can watch a TV network like GOD TV and be taught by these people, hear their voices and their hearts, and learn from their experiences and their studies of the Word of God. So good!

So Christian TV serves an important purpose in this example. It puts me in touch with the leaders of my day, and allows me to learn from them. Furthermore, it lets me do this very economically. I’m not spending all of the time and money needed to go see these people of God in person. They can come into my house at my invitation, at a time that works for me, and I can sit down and learn from them. And I can pause my learning as I need to, and return whenever I’m ready.

So we can see that Christian TV can guide us into new experiences of encouragement, education, and enabling for ministry. My neighbors and church and community will all benefit because I am better equipped to love on them and serve them. This is great!

Keeping it real

But, like anything else, too much of a good thing can be simply too much. So it’s important I balance my use of Christian television just like I would any other thing. It doesn’t do anyone any good for me to spend all of my days in class. I need to get out into life and put what I learn into practice.

And here again, Christian television can help. How?

By presenting testimonial documentaries and videos about people whose lives have been transformed. And also about those who have been instrumental in transforming the lives of others. There’s no way to overstate the power of testimony.

The power of testimony, especially when we see it

And that power is multiplied when we see people doing something. Quite a bit of modern neuroscience and neuropsychology indicate that we learn best by watching others do a thing. I will learn how to take a carburetor apart much more quickly by watching a YouTube video than by reading a manual.

Similarly, I will be more emboldened to pray and believe for miracles when I watch someone else do it, like we can watching Todd White in that great movie, The Finger of God.

So answering our original question, can Christian TV guide us into a new millennium of Gospel effectiveness, this writer would say Yes, Christian TV can play a strong and effective role. It can help us move along towards finishing the project Jesus gave us in Matthew 28.

The discipleship of all nations (Matthew 28:18-20), and the revelation of God’s glory all over the Earth (Numbers 14:21) is what occupies our Father’s mind. The question is, are we as occupied as He is with this project and His vision for the Earth?

Christian TV will do all of us a lot of good by focusing on the Father’s heart.

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