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Will You Stand For Life?

GOD TV is looking for partners to join the Life Matters movement!

Will You Stand For Life?
Will You Stand For Life?

As GOD TV has recently taken a stand for life and we are so thankful for the many of you have chosen to join the conversation with us!

Let’s be honest, it’s not easy to engage in conversations about such controversial topics such as abortion, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t.

As Christians, Jesus is our model and He walked straight into controversy and released love and truth.  Jesus didn’t just live what He preached, He paid a price – the cost was His life.  His life modeled the truth that there is a price for standing for love and truth.

Powerful Testimonies

Testimonies like this are starting to come in from many who are willing to join the Life Matters movement and take a stand for life.  Hear how their hearts are being stirred to partner with us…

“I was very pleased with the programming for Life Matters and it is very impactful especially as I have seen the damage done in my family through five abortions. I feel that God is heavily in this. ”

“I am enjoying the Life Matters programming and felt stirred to give for the first time to God TV. I have watched the channel for many years. I have a heart to help ladies who have been through abortion.”

“I’m donating because I had an abortion many years ago and now do women’s ministry.”

“I have heart for this because my daughter had an abortion with her first child and is now pregnant with her second and does not want to make the same mistake again”

“I gave to Life Matters because I believe in pro-life wholeheartedly after my own experience.”

How can I partner with Life Matters?

Partner with GOD TV today – right now – and help support our first project by giving towards one of the 1200 showings of the pro-life film Unplanned on college and university campuses across the US by…

  1. Pray for the students that will watch the film.
  2. Sponsor one seat in the theatre for $9.
  3. Sponsor a row in the theatre for $90.
  4. Sponsor an entire showing for $1800. 

*** There are still 900 showings to fund ***



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