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Winds Of Change

Change is inevitable. Our attitude towards change is what makes all the difference.

Winds Of Change
Winds Of Change

As I sit here, I am listening to the wind, a very fierce wind, maybe 30 to 40 miles an hour. I hear the sound of the trees being tossed around, the house – at times – sounds scary, the tin on the shed shakes. In the distance I hear a cricket singing. If I really get calm I hear the sky talking, it sounds as if airplanes or jets are flying over me.

Reflecting on the day before, a beautiful day, no wind… sun shining, almost unbearable heat, you could walk outside and see clear skies and hear stillness. You could stand in amazement of God’s creation, take a walk, or go for a bike ride. Then I wake up the next day to roaring wind, cannot hear stillness, you must be careful when you go outside.. .you can be swayed by the wind, not easy for a bike ride or walk. The wind is howling as it is early morning before sunrise, and if you listen closely you can hear the trees talking.

What would the trees say?  The day before they were filled with calmness and ease, today tossed and turned, having a hard time keeping leaves on branches.  Same for the birds, the day before was beautiful, flying was easy… today it was nearly impossible.  What about the spider that is trying make a web? On a calm day, no problem.. On a windy day again not so easy.  All the while the cricket still sings it’s songs in the winds of change.

Life changes

The Winds of change happen in human lives as well, just as they do for the insects and animals and trees.  We encounter winds of change, or gusts of change, or light breezes of change.  When we are faced with a new change do we embrace it for what it is or do we get tossed and turned and wonder why?  Why can’t I stand up or stand straight? Why do I feel as If I have just been in a storm?

When the wind comes do you wonder what damage it is creating or do you embrace the change it brings?  To be honest sometimes I do not embrace the winds of change, I sometimes have a hard time allowing the change to happen.  Change can be difficult especially when it feels like you are being tossed and turned blowing from here to yonder.

When we embrace winds of change we can either run for cover and say, “I choose to not embrace it, I will stay down with my head covered and not get out or encounter anything or anyone.” Or…You can say, “Today I choose to stay rooted and grounded give all my concerns and stress to God and let Him help me with the winds of change.”

Allow God to help

I have been on both sides of this, where I have said, “I think I am going to sit this one out and choose to cover my head up and not face it, then also I have said I can do this I do not need help.”

However, the way I found the best results is when I say, ” God, I need You to help me, You know how I do not like change, even when it can be beneficial to me, so today I need you to help me.”
I have found out in life I can either allow God to help me, or I can completely try to embrace and do it alone.
We all experience Winds of Change, that is how we grow and that is how God can create in us the new things that He desires in us for us to grow.

Today I ask you how will you handle the Winds Of Change in your life?  Will you continue to go around the same mountain and allow change to mold and shape you or will you give the change you are experiencing to God and allow HIM to handle it for you?

He is waiting for us to say, “Help me with the wind, help me with change, help me with life.”

Let go and let God.

This article was written by Amy Gonzales.

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