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Using Wisdom & Understanding To Fight Against Temptation

"Our hearts are deceitful and that’s why we need wisdom."

Using Wisdom & Understanding To Fight Against Temptation
Using Wisdom & Understanding To Fight Against Temptation

Ward Simpson shares how he used God’s wisdom and understanding to fight against temptation.

Fighting Against Temptation

He teaches us that we can use wisdom to avoid temptations by sharing his own testimony. About a week ago, he set up his phone to restrict all sexual content and gave it to his wife, Lydia, for her to put a password for it. Only Lydia will know the password and he can’t change the settings. He did it because wisdom taught him how he could avoid temptations.

“The enemy attacks and we have weaknesses,” he said. “It’s by God’s mercy and by God’s faithfulness that we could stand here today.”

Everyone is tempted by the enemy and all of our hearts are deceitful. But we can use the wisdom that God gave us to make wise decisions to avoid sinning.

“Every one of us, the Bible says our hearts are deceitful and that’s why we need wisdom,” Ward emphasized.


He then continued to reference the Scripture to highlight how important wisdom and understanding are.

“He has made the earth by His power, He has established the world by His wisdom, And has stretched out the heavens at His discretion.” – Jeremiah 10:12

God has used wisdom to lay the foundations of the earth and He is still using it until today to keep us from the snares of the enemy. Let us always rely on wisdom and understanding in every step that we make.



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