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Woman Born With No Arms Sews PPE For Healthcare Workers

She believed she could, so she did.

Woman Born With No Arms Sews PPE For Healthcare Workers
Woman Born With No Arms Sews PPE For Healthcare Workers

With the coronavirus affecting every country, there has been a rise in demand for protective personal equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers. A woman born with no arms did not let her disability stop her from helping provide PPE for the frontliners.

Born with no arms 

Norfarrah Syahirah Shaari is from Perak, Malaysia. As news of the COVID outbreak began in Malaysia, she knew she had to do something to help protect healthcare workers. The 32-years-old has been making protective gowns for the hospitals located in her area. She volunteers through a corporate social responsibility program known as #DariKomunitiUntukKomuniti. Shaari revealed that the program has 35 people involved and they expect to make 252 isolation gowns.

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“Each volunteer has a different role. Someone will measure and cut the fabric, another will draw the polar and someone else will sew the PPE. I can sew eight PPE gowns a day. We will collect all the PPE on Monday before distributing them to the frontliners.” Shaari declared,  “I feel proud to be a part of this program and this is the little thing we can do to help our healthcare workers.”

“I have to learn to adapt to the demands of everyday life using my feet. I learned tailoring by myself eight years ago because I needed to make special clothes for myself,” she shared. “Some even ask, how do I even thread a needle? Well it was very difficult at first and required a lot of patience but I managed to do it. Now it takes me only a second to thread the needle using my feet.”

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Shaari’s tenacity to move forward in life has inspired many. She first made headlines in Malaysia when she passed her driving license with just her feet. According to Upworthy, the Shaari “believes God would not burden a soul with more that it could bear.”

Watch the video of Shaari operating a sewing machine with just her feet:

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