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Woman Calls On Jesus And Survives South Carolina Tornadoes

“He just kept His hand over us.”

Woman Calls On Jesus And Survives South Carolina Tornadoes
Woman Calls On Jesus And Survives South Carolina Tornadoes

On April 13, Monday morning, powerful tornadoes hit South Carolina. A woman claims she survived the storm by ‘calling on Jesus.’

The terror of the South Carolina Tornadoes

Allison Ritter shared her experience with The Times and Democrat. The tornado broke Ritter’s windows, destroying the interior.

“Once I heard that window blowing, I knew. My children and I were in the house when it happened. I never experienced anything like that before,” she said.

“I started hearing all the wind blowing, windows breaking, trees cracking, debris just hitting up against the house. It was a lot.”

Ritter took her children, including a newborn, and gathered in their bathroom.  She checked outside after the storm went by and found uprooted tree and pieces of twisted metal, including a piece which hung from a power line.

“I just wanted to make sure we were safe. None of the kids knew what was going on. Between all the wind blowing and trees falling, I just kept calling on Jesus. That’s all I know to do in a case like this,” she recalled. “He just kept His hand over us.”

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Robert Logan Moss and wife, Jennifer, were Ritter’s neighbors. The couple’s house was also destroyed and parts of it landed in Ritter’s backyard. The couple had to be dragged from the wreckage and brought to the hospital.

Ritter said, “I am so thankful. I just thank God for shielding and protecting us through this storm because I hear many didn’t make it.”

Rebuilding together

With the state already facing the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic, the South Carolina tornadoes were additional stress. But South Carolina Governor, Henry McMaster, promised resilience amid the tragedies.

“We saw more tragedy in the midst of what is already one of the most trying times our state has endured. We lost at least 9 precious lives across South Carolina last night to the tornadoes that swept through our state,” he said on his Twitter account.

“They left in their wake utter destruction, but the one thing they could not destroy is the spirit of our people. We will rebuild after these storms just as we do after hurricanes and how we are battling the Coronavirus—together.”

Reference: The Christian Post

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