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Woman Inspires Many After Donating Kidney To Ex-Husband

Such an inspiring act!

Woman Inspires Many After Donating Kidney To Ex-Husband
Woman Inspires Many After Donating Kidney To Ex-Husband

A woman inspires many people after donating her kidney to her ex-husband for the sake of their children.

Kelly Hope

Kelly Hope taught everyone a lesson of love when she donated her kidney to her ex-husband Dan Pyatt. The couple had already been divorced for five years when Kelly found out that Dan needed a kidney transplant. Despite their separation, Kelly decided to volunteer as a donor.

Having two daughters, Jeannie (11) and Billie (16), the selfless mother said she was willing to donate her kidney for their sake.

“Even though we weren’t together anymore, I wasn’t prepared to let my children be without a father,” she said in an interview.

Kidney Donor

The hospital had been searching for a compatible kidney donor for a year and without any leads. Thankfully, Kelly’s medical test results show that she is a compatible kidney donor for Dan, despite having incompatible blood types.

The hospital staff at Guy’s Hospital in London was amazed by what they were witnessing. Never before had they seen someone donate a kidney to an ex-spouse.

Kelly and Dan underwent separate operations in 2018. Both of their surgeries went well, they have recovered, and are in good health.

Because of Kelly’s selfless love for her family, she has inspired many people.

“We might not be married now, but we’re still very much a family and I had to make that sacrifice to keep our family together,” she explained.

“Selfless Act”

The former couple had been friends since they were 11, started dating at the age of 18, and were married at 31. Despite their divorce, they remained friends and worked as a team for their daughters sake.

To celebrate their successful surgeries, the family spent Christmas in Paris.

“It was truly a selfless act; to put your own life on the line to save someone else is amazing. Kelly will always be my hero,” Dan said.

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Written by Gail Marvel.


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