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Woman Gives Up Occult After An Encounter With Jesus

Woman Gives Up Occult After An Encounter With Jesus
Woman Gives Up Occult After An Encounter With Jesus

A woman living her life filled with anger because of rejection searched for the true meaning of life. She sought occult, voodoo, and other spiritual experiences, but nothing satisfied until she encountered God.

Dysfunctional Home

Marisol grew up in a dysfunctional family. Her father was abusive and alcoholic. Eventually, her parents split up when she was 7-years-old. As a result, she found herself looking for the feeling of love and security for many years.

The pain of coming from a broken family made Marisol angry. So, she took it out on other girls who have a complete family and beat them up in school. She kept searching for love until she found a family through her best friend. They loved her, but soon after, she discovered that the family was into Santeria and witchcraft.

Occult Exposures

Marisol wasn’t scared of the occult because her stepmom was also a witch. Due to occult exposures, it peaked her curiosity. She wanted an encounter and to see something supernatural. Hence, she began seeking the truth at 18 years old. For the next seven years, Marisol spent her time seeking the feeling she was looking for.

At 25, she married but got divorced eight years later. Then she asked for help from a voodoo priest. Eventually, she got hooked up by these spirits believing they made her circumstances better.

This time, Marisol decided to join the order of voodoo priests and witnessed an initiation ceremony. Before her eyes, a demon-possessed lady floated around the ritual room. She got scared, ran away, and never came back to the psychic.

Finally, Marisol decided to attend a church service. There, Marisol encountered the feeling she was looking for all her life. She finally had a true spiritual experience and accepted Jesus.

“The encounter I was really looking for was with God. It was the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit of God filled me,” she attested.

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