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Be So Lost In God’s Love Before You Say ‘Yes’ To A Man

Be So Lost In God’s Love Before You Say ‘Yes’ To A Man
Be So Lost In God’s Love Before You Say ‘Yes’ To A Man

God designed women to be more emotional and affectionate beings compared to men. That is why most women are easily deceived by unlikely men who say sweet words and all those gifts and stuff that would make a woman say ‘Yes’ to him. And without warning, a woman who gives in to her feelings would end up being hurt and disappointed by that man who couldn’t live up to his sweet words and promises to her. That’s why a woman should be so lost in God’s love before giving her ‘Yes’ to a man.

Know Your Worth In Christ

As a woman, you should know your worth in Christ before entering a relationship. Because truth be told, no man could ever complete you. If you are not satisfied in Christ first, you will place high expectations from a man to satisfy you that would eventually fail you. You see, being in a relationship is not about “getting” but “giving.” If you just want to enter a relationship because of society’s pressure, or you want to be happy and place your worth and identity in it, you’re definitely not ready.

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If you’re not happy single, you won’t be satisfied having a significant other as well. So, dear woman, seek God first and allow Jesus to fill that void in your heart. Unless you are complete in Christ alone, being in a relationship is not yet for you.

The Author Of Love

Fix your eyes on Jesus until you forget you need a man. And in God’s perfect timing, He will definitely let you meet that man He has prepared for you. A man who is after God’s own heart. And the only reason he’s going to look at you is that God whispered to him it’s you. You deserve an earthly love story that God is the Author. After all, He is the Author of Love, and no man can ever compare to the Best Story Writer—God Himself.

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