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Woman Mocks Christian Evangelist Until She Hears Something She Can’t Deny

A young woman is stunned by the truth of the Gospel!

Woman Mocks Christian Evangelist Until She Hears Something She Can’t Deny
Woman Mocks Christian Evangelist Until She Hears Something She Can’t Deny

Sharing the Gospel is God’s calling for every believer. Before going back to the Father, Jesus’ command was to “go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:18-20). This is the Great Commission. And today, 2,000 years later, preachers, believers, and evangelists alike are still sharing the Good News. Just like how the Christian evangelist Ray Comfort preached the Gospel to a random woman.

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Ray Comfort is a well-known Christian evangelist who founded Living Waters ministry. Their Living Waters YouTube Channel has over 480,000 subscribers. Most of the videos are actual footage of Ray Comfort evangelizing to unbelievers. And one woman from California challenged Ray about the Gospel.

In a crowd of people at Huntington Beach, California, a woman named Jessica confronted him from his own stage. Usually, Ray erects a stage for people to step up onto so he can share the Gospel with them. But the person standing before him has the right to challenge him too. So Ray started to dialog with Jessica.

Christian shares the Gospel to unbeliever

“How many lies have you told in your life?” Ray first asked to open the conversation.

Jessica responded honestly to every question he throws at her about sin. However, she laughs at every truth in the Bible that Ray speaks to her. The crowd can also be heard laughing along with her.

As the conversation shifts to what Jesus did on the cross for our sins, Jessica kept laughing.

“I know you think this is funny. I don’t, this is deadly serious,” Ray boldly tells her.

Suddenly, she quieted down. The crowd surrounding also stopped laughing.

As Ray spoke, the Holy Spirit began to convict Jessica. With every word, revelation of Jesus started to take root in her heart. She was no longer mocking Ray, nor the Christian God. God’s love for her won her over.

That day, Jessica, the woman who mocked Jesus, accepted Him as her savior. Others in the crowd did as well. That day, Jesus was mocked but He was also glorified! 

See the video to hear what the Christian evangelist said that changed Jessica’s mind about Jesus! 

Source: Living Waters


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