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Woman Who Needed Surgery Experienced A Miracle Healing!

The Lord is near and He always wants to heal His children!

Woman Who Needed Surgery Experienced A Miracle Healing!
Woman Who Needed Surgery Experienced A Miracle Healing!

Deborah experienced a devastating accident that caused her to suffer extreme pain.  She was taking so much medication, but still, her brain wouldn’t turn off the intense pain.  Her physician sent her for MRI, and they discovered that her neck was broken and it was detached from her C-1 vertebrae.  No wonder she was experiencing so much pain!

When she discovered what was really wrong with her body, her neurosurgeon wanted to schedule her for an immediate surgery.  However, Deborah heard a whisper saying that she needed to go to a woman’s conference first.  There had to be a reason she had this tugging at her heart.

During the conference, the speaker received a word of knowledge from God saying that there was a woman who was taking a lot of medication every night to keep her alive.  Deborah knew that it was her the speaker was talking about.  In that moment, no one prayed for her or had even laid hands on her, but she felt an intense heat that she had never felt before.  After that experience, the pain that she was suffering from was gone.

She went through another test to prove that she was completely healed. She asked her doctor for another MRI and her doctor surprisingly discovered that she was no longer injured and did not need surgery anymore.

Then she heard God saying,

“When I healed you, I healed you completely.”

If you are one of those people who needs breakthrough in healing, then you need to claim this testimony.  If God healed Deborah then He can also heal you.  Anything is possible in Him.  Deborah only needed to be in the Lord’s presence to be healed.  God wants to do the same for you.

Credits: Kris Vallotton

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