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Woman Of God, You Were Made for More Than This!

Purpose is not what you do. It is who you are

Woman Of God, You Were Made for More Than This!
Woman Of God, You Were Made for More Than This!

If you are a woman of God, have you ever asked, what on earth you are here for? At one point or another I think we all have.

Maybe you’ve reached that point of wanting to find meaning and significance and understanding what on earth you were created to do.

Purpose is often displaced, ignored or stuffed away into neat boxes that fit into someone else’s world. But woman of God, you were made to grow, flourish and transcend above a self driven life to one that is magnificently poised for making the world a better place because of your unique gifts.

Purpose is at the heart and soul of every person, tugging, calling – yet so commonly, women get lost in the daily ruts of to-do lists, jobs, house chores and child rearing that lock them into prescribed identities as human doings, rather than human beings.

We wake. Do. Sleep. Repeat. The cycle turns again and again, reproducing a fog of repetitious routines and yet you know deep down you are made in God’s image for more than this. You were made for more than what is expected of others, your social, cultural or religious box.

Stop and listen to your soul’s cry in those still, small, empty moments and you will hear, “you were made for more.” As a wonderfully created masterpiece, loved, cherished and uniquely gifted by God, there is more – but first you must awaken to the sleepy state of settling for less.

Now you may be perfectly content as a wife and mom. I found my greatest joy as a mother and in raising my kids however, I must admit that despite my satisfaction and joy, in all my work, my purpose got lost.

Purpose is not what you do. It is who you are. The part of me that lay dormant beneath the load of daily routines was buried deep needing to surface in order to reveal the essence of who and what God created me for. God’s desire for every woman of god is to embrace and walk in the fullness of their created gifts.

Take a guilt-free spree into your dreams. What is your heart’s burning desire? How can you integrate your gifts and skills to plant in the Kingdom of God while still finding balance as a wife or mom?  Spread the Gospel by helping a needy family, start a business of your passion, volunteer at a shelter or church.

It’s not about career finding. It’s finding the buried you begging to come out. Often, there is more to us than we have been conditioned to believe, but your soul defies conditioned beliefs.

Finding your life’s purpose is not a male privilege, nor is rising to one’s full potential. In scripture, we are reminded that there is neither male nor female in God’s Kingdom and that God is not a respecter of persons.

Woman of God

Be the woman of God created you to be

In fact, the Bible includes feminine models for leadership such as Deborah, Esther, Miriam and  Ruth to name a few, who went beyond the traditional roles of their time. It is astounding to think that in a patriarchal culture so seeped in male dominance, God placed value and honor on women and saw their potential for impacting His Kingdom.

Proverbs 31 speaks of the virtues of a woman with many gifts and talents lauding her for using each one to bless others. What is holding you back? Is it fear of not being enough?

Is it comparison to others? Is it busyness or perhaps being asleep to the very fact that you were made for specific, good works before the world began?

Whatever is holding you back, rise to the challenge. Prayerfully consider your next step toward fulfilling your purpose.

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