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Words Matter

You're so much more than what they say about you.

Words Matter
Words Matter

Our words hold the power of life and death – we can bless or curse someone with mere words from our lips. Words really are NOT something to be taken lightly. They carry great power. 

It seems that bullying is not just for kids anymore. Sadly, it’s probably worse now because social media gives people the freedom and courage to say whatever they want. Bullying often feels like someone towering over someone else as if they are better and stronger than them. Bullying is words declared and proclaimed over another human being. Words of destruction. Words with the sole purpose of tearing that person down. You can destroy someone with words. It’s no longer just spoken words – it is words typed out in social media which is known as cyber bullying. Cyber bullying gives the bullies anonymity, allowing them to hide behind a computer screen while spewing out words of hate.  Cyberbullying also makes it hard to find who the source of the bullying is.

This music video is a gentle reminder that we are MORE than the negative words pronounced over us. We are smart. We are beautiful. We are strong. We are the exact opposite of every hateful word.

“Oh the words of hate – they get you down; they leave you abandoned on the ground. You’re made for more than second place. You’ll find your way – just trust in faith. Get up and run; don’t be afraid. You’re so much more than words they say.” (Joanna Yaeger)

Please think about what you say with your mouth and what you type with your fingers. Be kind. It’s so much more rewarding and less stressful to be kind in love than to be hateful. Speak life, not death. Because words DO matter. 


Credits: Special thanks to Joanna Yaeger for sharing her heart with the world; with such a simple but powerful message.

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