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Could The World’s Darkest Hour Become The Finest Hour For The Church?

We can choose faith over fear.

Could The World’s Darkest Hour Become The Finest Hour For The Church?
Could The World’s Darkest Hour Become The Finest Hour For The Church?

News headlines today are bombarded with issues concerning the coronavirus pandemic. And undeniably, most of it stirs up fear than hope among people. Now the question is, what must the church do during this time? Do we join the world in fear during this darkest hour? Or join God and be His hands and feet to the world and make it the church’s finest hour?

A video on YouTube by The Normal Christian Life shares an eye-opening message to the church during this pandemic time.

Pandemic Of Fear

“The church has often been called a hospital for the sick. And the western world is sicker than ever before. Not just with COVID-19 but with a pandemic of fear,” stated the video.

Man With COVID-19 Was Dying When God Sent A Cleaner

But indeed, more than the pandemic, fear has the ability to paralyze people. When the majority merely listens to unpromising news headlines and fake conspiracy theories, truly, fear becomes someone’s reality. While this may be true for a normal individual, as Christians, we should live otherwise.

The Church

For the first time in history, many church buildings around the world are empty on Sundays. The pandemic outbreak greatly affected meetings and social gatherings in churches to uphold social distancing order. But what does this really mean for the church and for the world?

“If the church is a building, what happens when they’re closed? If it’s an event, then what happens when they’re canceled?” the NCL professed through the video.

Now, the real issue is how should the believers respond in a world that has never looked shaken like today? And the voice-over provides a challenge for us.

Finest Hour

“Could this be the church’s finest hour to be what the Bible calls us to be? Because the church isn’t a building and it’s not an event,” said the narrator.

Then he went on to show how the Christians are responding today even in the midst of this unprecedented global pandemic. In the midst of fear and isolation, the majority is choosing to worship, bless and pray for others. To give hope and show the love of Christ.

He concluded, “The church is awakening. The church is resilient, adapting, and discovering new expressions for the Gospel to reach further than ever before.”

And the moving video invites all of us at the end that “in a troubled world that needs Christ, it’s time to be His hands and feet.”

“Christians, it’s time to be the church.”

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