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Would You Choose To Forgive If They Burnt Your Husband And Sons Alive?

Watch the trailer of 'The Least Of These' – The Graham Staines Story

Would You Choose To Forgive If They Burnt Your Husband And Sons Alive?
Would You Choose To Forgive If They Burnt Your Husband And Sons Alive?

Can you forgive the unforgivable? Is it really possible to let go of the anger and hurt? Could you look in the eyes of the person who instigated pure evil against you and your family and react with love? It seems to go against the very fabric of humanity.

And how about the ones who are brazenly unapologetic of their actions? And what’s your attitude when the person you have to extend forgiveness towards is yourself?

Forgiveness is not our first go-to emotion. We usually end up taking the long road trip making pit stops in vengeance, resentment, self-pity and make a hard push through for the last leg of the journey towards forgiveness. And tragically sometimes it’s not humanly possible to reach there.

A beautiful idea until we have to practice it

As a believer in Christ, we are no stranger to the concept of forgiveness. We are called to embody His message through love and forgiveness. But as C. S. Lewis puts it, “We all agree that forgiveness is a beautiful idea until we have to practice it.” This is where the Saviour, we oh so adore becomes real to us. Will, we let His love propel us to stand in the face of absolute evil and respond in Christ-empowered love?

Graham and Gladys Staines were a missionary couple to India who worked among the lepers. Accused of proselytising, Graham and his two sons were burnt alive. Their incredible story has been made into a movie called ‘The Least Of These’, directed by Aneesh Daniel and produced by Victor Abraham.

The crux of this movie is forgiveness. Gladys’ spontaneous response to the perpetrators of her husband and son’s horrific murder was forgiveness.

At a time when India is facing persecutions and threats, it is important to remember from the example of the Staines family that our first spontaneous response needs to be forgiveness. Our actions need to be louder than the voice that we exercise on social media and other platforms. Justice is needed and we ought to be assertive but the core of it all is forgiveness and seeing the offender as God sees them. Just like Jesus did while on the Cross.

This movie is a timely release for the Body of Christ to get back to the core of our very faith – forgiveness. It also serves as a reminder that we have the power to choose love and forgiveness over hate

‘’The Least of These’ releases on 29th March in India. Watch this poignant story unfold on the big screen near you. Check your local listing for theatre details. Also, help promote the movie through your Facebook profile pic. Click on I Choose To Forgive.

And please do make sure you watch the movie in a cinema. Pirated versions are equal to using stolen goods.


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