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How Does Saying ‘Yes’ To God’s Power Affect Us?

"We have to have a yes within our spirit.”

How Does Saying ‘Yes’ To God’s Power Affect Us?
How Does Saying ‘Yes’ To God’s Power Affect Us?

How does saying “yes” to God’s power and calling affect us and the world?

Troy Brewer

In an episode of Standing Together with host Rich Marshall, guest Troy Brewer shares about his worldwide ministry while encouraging us to also say “yes” to God. Troy Brewer is the senior pastor of OpenDoor Church in Burleson, Texas, and the founder of the Troy Brewer Ministries.

Troy’s ministry seeks to reach the lost and free the enslaved all around the world through the power of Jesus Christ. They have already reached Asia, Africa, South America, and as well as North America to bring the Kingdom of God.

Saying “Yes”

Today, Troy is encouraging every Christian to say yes to God’s calling. He also shared how can we be a part of this transformational mission.

“There are people that are suffering within your general proximity that I will never see but you see. There are people who need help within your field of view that God has placed within you firmament, that they come across you.. we have to have a yes within our spirit.”

God’s Power

If we say yes to God’s power, we allow His power to flow through us. And that power can both change the lives of the people around us and also our own lives.

“It makes you somebody who becomes a conduit for God’s power. And then, there’s no place in your life that is hopeless anymore. There’s no place in your life anymore that is actually powerless where you can’t do anything because the power of the Holy Spirit is flowing through you.”

Always be ready to answer any evil with God’s goodness and power. With that, you could be a part of the worldwide mission of Jesus Christ to save the lost and enslaved.

“I’m constantly ready to answer evil with God’s goodness.”

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