You Are Not Alone. God Wants to Encourage You and Give You Renewed Vision | God TV

You Are Not Alone. God Wants to Encourage You and Give You Renewed Vision

You Are Not Alone. God Wants to Encourage You and Give You Renewed Vision
You Are Not Alone. God Wants to Encourage You and Give You Renewed Vision

“God is not in the business of fixing us, He wants to heal us from the wounds that we carry,” says Bishop Mark Chironna “And GOD TV is a voice of the Holy Spirit to say to those who are watching, ‘you are not alone’.”

Bishop Chironna shares this on Vision Week which aims to update viewers on GOD TV’s vast outreach, giving people the opportunity to support what God is doing worldwide through media. However more than that, CEO Ward Simpson wants to give viewers renewed vision.

Viewers to Vision Week 2018 which airs on GOD TV throughout October can hear how they can bring their case before the Courts of Heaven and receive God’s intervention – based on the teachings of Robert Henderson and there are many words of prophetic encouragement.

“We all have access to the Courts of Heaven by the Blood of Jesus. And our giving is a witness (judicial testimony) that either speaks for us or against us,” Robert says.

“Out of all the networks presently on TV,” he continues, “GOD TV is the most prophetically and apostolically oriented. It has a real heart to see souls saved and cultures changed. So let’s help them.” 

You can have God’s favor

During Vision Week Troy Brewer explains the difference between God’s love, grace and favour. 

“We cannot qualify for the love of God. He loves us regardless. The Grace of God is freely given as are the blessings of God. However, we do need to qualify for God’s favor as we pass the tests God brings our way.

“God loves everybody the same but He doesn’t favor everyone the same. You can be favored by God but you need to do the things God favours. There are things God favors and things He doesn’t,” Troy says.

“How we partner with God determines how we walk in His favor. Jesus grew in stature and favor with God. He qualified for it. Learn to love what God loves and hate what God hates.”

Be part of Vision Week

During Vision Week GOD TV Ward Simpson shares how anybody can receive God’s favor if they are prepared to make a sacrifice for His Kingdom and how we all receive the same reward whether we go ourselves or send someone else.

“Reinhard Bonnke shared something profound with me some years ago, when we spoke of the millions of people saved through his preaching,” says Ward. 

“‘Let me tell you something, Ward,’ he said, ‘every single person at Christ for all Nations that serves with me or supports this ministry shares equally in our reward’.” 

“On that day, when we get to Heaven, many will come up to you and say: ‘Thank You, I am here because of your giving.’ You get to be a part of this amazing ministry of GOD TV and share in the rewards!”

You are not alone

“All suffering carries weight with Heaven,” says Bishop Chironna, “In the human condition, suffering is built in. Christ came to suffer with us and for us so that we, when we suffer, we know that we are not alone.

“I don’t care how many times you go down in the Christian life, there’s another up that’s following and there’s coming a day when we are going to make one final up, We’re rising and we invite you to be part of this and the rewards.”

Watch Vision Week on GOD TV throughout October and call in today with your gift towards taking the Gospel further through media.

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