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You Can Prophesy!

God wants to use you to share words that bring life!

You Can Prophesy!
You Can Prophesy!

You can prophesy! Yes, you read that right. Hearing God is the right of every born-again believer. It’s not as scary as it may sound. You can hear God and can communicate what He reveals to you. It’s simple. We were created to hear God and to be prophetic people, even if you are not called to be a prophet. Hearing God is the foundation for a thriving relationship with Him. John 10:27 ESVMy sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.”

Sometimes we can think that hearing from God is for the spiritual elite and miss the fact that is for everyone. The pastor, the stay at home mom, the doctor, the retail clerk, the mechanic, whoever you are and whatever you do it’s for you. Hearing God should be part of our daily life. If you’re His sheep; you hear my voice. That’s how it works.

Hearing God irritates the enemy

The enemy and the flesh want to make this hard and confusing. Jesus wants to make it simple for us. It’s been the enemy’s strategy to cloud and hide the truth about a believer’s right to hear God. He is trying to create distance between God and us. The Holy Spirit is passionately coming after us, to connect us to God, and He wants to use us to connect others to God.

Sometimes we think God’s voice is this big booming voice from the sky. Like what happened when Jesus was baptized. More often in our lives, God’s voice is the still small voice in our hearts. If we’re looking for the big booming voice we might miss the still small one.

Learning to prophecy

The very first time I prophesied to someone, I didn’t even know I was doing it. I was praying for a lady, and the thought of her needing a job popped into my head.  I began to pray for a job for her, without asking or knowing if she needed a job. She began to cry. Then she told me that prayer was exactly correct she needs a job. I didn’t know anything about her, but God knew. He’s the one that put that in my mind that’s what she needed.

I had to be willing to share what I felt even if I was not sure. God desires to use you to share what he puts on your heart with those around you.

You can prophecy

1 Corinthians 14:31ESV –  For you can all prophesy one by one, so that all may learn and all be encouraged, This verse lets us know prophesying is for all of us. That verse says all, not some, not the elite. Every believer gets to be a part of this. I encourage you, to be open to what God puts on your heart for someone else. It might be a thought, it might be a feeling or something He simply brings to your heart for them. I encourage you to share it with them, it just might be a word from the Lord to encourage and bring hope to them. I can guarantee that God has already been giving you words for people. You just have to learn to be aware that’s it’s God speaking to you and not just your thoughts.

If you want God to start using you to prophesy and share words with people to encourage them, pray this prayer.

Father, I wanted to hear your voice clearer for myself and to be used to minister to others. Lord, open up my spiritual ears, and eyes to begin to know that’s it’s you speaking and leading me to share your heart with others. In Jesus Name!

Now be open and pay attention as God begins to bring these opportunities to you. You were made for this. Go be salt and light in the earth.

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