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You Can Start The New Year Praying And Fasting For Revival

Let's get 2020 started off right!

You Can Start The New Year Praying And Fasting For Revival
You Can Start The New Year Praying And Fasting For Revival

2020 is now here! And I know it isn’t just me, but maybe you can also sense a palpable expectation of revival for Jesus in the air. There are pockets of incredible moves of God around the world. Sometimes I’ll see it or be part of it and be in agreement with it. Expecting greater things! But then, at other times, in my flesh I’ll almost set it aside thinking this happens at the beginning of every decade. Time to start praying.

But as I seek the Lord, I get more excited. There is something to 2020 and this decade of harvest. There is a great need for the fivefold team ministry to emerge. Leading the charge to influence and impact the culture for the glory of God. Seeing innumerable amounts of people come into relationship with Jesus. And there are movements you can be part of now to start the new year off seeking the face of God.

How You Can Be Part of Praying and Fasting Movements

Start by being part of prayer and fasting initiatives. The Roaring Twenties Fast is led by Marc Brown, calling for more than 1 million people to fast this year! Inspired by the late founder of Campus Crusade for Christ(now Cru), Bill Bright said, “Prayer has great power, but fasting with prayer has infinitely more power.”

The Roaring Twenties fasting webpage says, “The call for one million young people to fast and pray is historic but must not be about any one church, leader, organization or denomination but rather a collective of believers young and old who sense that God is about to do something historic in the roaring twenties.”

Awaken2020 is a prayer and fasting movement leading up to a large stadium event at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, AZ on January 18th. The collaborators, who are David Herzog Ministries, Lou Engle formerly of The Call, Daniel Kolenda of Christ for All Nations and successor to the late Reinhard Bonnke, Brian Head Welch, Cindy Jacobs of Generals International, and Jerame Nelson of Elisha Revolution. They are believing for, “a new era, a new decade, of revival that is bringing a movement of signs and wonders. Healing of the sick, and preaching of the gospel.”

Watch the Awaken2020 video here:

And starting March 1st through April 9th the Jesus Fast begins. They are contending for a love revival with Jesus, holiness, power evangelism. And for a global outpouring of the Holy Spirit, a global 24/7 unceasing prayer movement, reconciliation between generations, Christian unity and more.

Watch a video about the Jesus Fast here:


Praying: Expect God to do Greater Things

You can be part of changing the world this year by becoming part of a prayer and fasting movement. Always be wise in fasting seeking a doctor’s counsel first. And be in fellowship with others who can cheer you on and hold you accountable to the Word of God.

Let’s pray expectantly for revival and awakening!



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