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Discover The Story Behind Carrie Underwood’s Hit Song, Cry Pretty

Are you tearful today? Be encouraged by Carrie Underwood's example to never give up!

Discover The Story Behind Carrie Underwood’s Hit Song, Cry Pretty
Discover The Story Behind Carrie Underwood’s Hit Song, Cry Pretty

Carrie Underwood’s song Cry Pretty was a big hit in 2018 proving that tears don’t last forever! Carrie knows what it’s like to cry both tears of joy and of sorrow. You can imagine the tears of joy of winning American Idol in 2005 and her ongoing success as a recording artist since. She is now one of the most successful artists of any genre, having sold more than 65 million records worldwide. However there have also been times of sorrow, when she has had to fight away tears of pain and sadness.

Are you tearful today? Has that person you are madly in love with rejected you? Or are you facing loss or disappointment? Perhaps a medical condition is getting you down or some other challenge has left you without hope? Be encouraged by Carrie’s testimony. Despite an awful accident and three miscarriages in one year, Carrie did not lose her faith in God.

2017 was not the best year for Carrie Underwood, she revealed in an interview with CBS that she planned to make new music and have a baby, yet things did not happen as she planned. Pregnancy after pregnancy didn’t work out, leaving her with an overwhelming sense of loss.

Furthermore, E News quotes Carrie sharing about a fall she encountered at her home where she broke her wrist and injured her face. She was hospitalised after having 40-50 stitches and her face took months to heal. “It’s crazy how a freak random accident can change your life,” she said. 

“Carrie Underwood is letting the tears fall,” E News wrote, “facing her emotions head on… as she addresses the inner turmoil of a star split between her public image and private pain.” 

You can’t Cry Pretty

In  ‘Cry Pretty’, which Billboard rated the number 1 country music song for 2018,  Carrie reflects on the need to overcome one’s inhibitions and have a good cry. The lyrics include:

“It don’t matter if you’re in a crowd or home all alone / Yeah, it’s all the same when you’re looking in the mirror / A picture of pain, so let it flow like a river… / You can’t turn off the flood when the dam breaks / When all your mascara is going to waste / When things get ugly, you just gotta face / That you can’t cry pretty.”

Billboard acknowledges that “the song’s vulnerable message of allowing your emotions to take over” serves as an anthem for anyone experiencing a rough patch, however more than this “It’s Underwood’s clarion call that no matter what she’s going through, she will always be able to deliver a stunning, chill-inducing performance.”

We can all learn from Carrie’s example, that no matter what, we should never give up.  If you’re tearful today, turn your pain into something beautiful. Carrie’s experience helped her write songs for her new album Cry Pretty. Perhaps after a good cry you can redirect your emotions into something constructive that will inspire others

Jesus Take The Wheel

One of Carrie’s early hit songs is entitled, ‘Jesus Take the Wheel’ and it’s a call for God to take control.

“Jesus, take the wheel / Take it from my hands / ‘Cause I can’t do this on my own / I’m letting go / So give me one more chance / And save me from this road I’m on / Jesus, take the wheel.”

This is a really encouraging song for all who are down. It’s also a reminder that being a believer is no guarantee of a trouble-free life. The Bible tells us that our cries toward Heaven do not go unnoticed. “You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book.” (Psalm 56:8)

We also have the promise in Revelation 21:4 that “He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain.”

Things are looking up for Carrie and for you!

The good news is that not only did Carrie end 2018 off with the accolade of being Country Music’s Female Vocalist of the Year, she also gave birth to another son! Writing on Instagram over Christmas she said:  “I’m thanking the Lord tonight for His Son while I cuddle with mine. Watching Christmas movies with him while he uses my big belly as a pillow!”


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