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Young Lady Accepts Jesus On First Day Of Work

Young Lady Accepts Jesus On First Day Of Work
Young Lady Accepts Jesus On First Day Of Work

A young lady encounters the love of God and accepts Jesus on her first day of work after meeting Christian evangelist Todd White in a restaurant he dined in.

Ordering With The New Employee

Evangelist Todd White was ordering in a restaurant, and a waitress walked up to their table. Shortly after, the manager came up to them and apologized for her slow service. Apparently, the young lady was a new employee and got scolded by the manager. The management then replaced her and assigned her with a different task, which meant less money.

The young lady kept watching them as they were talking about Jesus to different people. Then when Todd White and his team were about to leave, Todd walked up to the lady who was a new employee. He gave her a huge tip. She thanked him with a hug.

“We wanna bless you. Jesus loves you so much. You did very good today. No matter what they say, you did good, okay?” he told her. The young lady couldn’t believe her eyes. She cried even as the other waitresses and managers watching her.

She Accepts Jesus

Moreover, the Christian evangelist spoke life into her and prophesied that she should follow her dreams. Because she loves kids and her job is only temporary.

“You go and be pouring to kids because that’s what you want to do. God loves you so much,” he added.

Todd also prayed for her and led her to accept Jesus. She responded to the Gospel and prayed the salvation prayer with the evangelist.

“God enjoys seeing the enemy lose big time. He is waiting for spiritual believers that are possessed by the truth. That know that they’re blood bought, spirit taught, disciples of the Living God that will stand for righteousness, holiness, purity, and integrity,” Todd remarked.

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