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Your Secret Place With God Comes From Within!

God is everywhere at all times!

Your Secret Place With God Comes From Within!
Your Secret Place With God Comes From Within!

The key to intimacy is not “always be the initiator”. But to recognize when God is initiating. Whether that’s at church on Sunday, or in the shower early in the morning. God can use anything, any secret place to try and encounter us. All we have to do to experience our secret with God is to receive His invitation! 

The Great Pursuit

The Father is the biggest initiator. These days, the church or even your typical Christian radio station promotes the fact that it’s only our effort to get to God. False. Truth is, he’s pursuing us just as much, in fact, even more. It’s just a matter of recognizing so. The Lord is initiating His love in your everyday life. Through the things you do, the things you think, and even through people. Let the pursuit of God love you through these things!

Being A Good Steward

I grew up in a culture where the importance of church was vital to your relationship with God. So, I thought as long as I was going to church, I had some sort of relationship with Him. I thought it was normal to only feel His presence there. But, as soon as I left it was hard for me to stay in his presence. Did you know that you’re able to have some of the most amazing, intimate moments outside of a corporate experience?

Secret Place With God

I learned about my secret place a couple of years back and built my belief on what man said. My perspective changed once I took a class at Bethel called, “Intimacy with God.” Leslie Crandall said, “If you’re spending time with God, and there’s no life, there’s much more there for you”. When we enter a holy place, we’re drawing near with a sincere heart, full of faith. Whether that’s in church on Sunday, or your bedroom on Wednesday. Like it says in Matthew 7:7, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” You have to receive the invitation knowing God wants you there wherever you may be! What if I told you that you didn’t have to go searching for your secret place. But, that you are your secret place!

Let It Flow!

You’re able to go there at all times, in all places. If you’re constantly yearning to be there, you’ll go into your secret place with God as if you never left. So, with that being said, let God’s presence flow. So much that His presence would begin to flow out of you like a full canteen of water on a hot, sunny day. Let it be known as a quenching fulfillment. On even the coldest day. There is so much depth to Him, He’s asking you to fall in. So, jump!

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