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Your Suddenly Time is Here!

Waiting as Your Destiny is Revealed.

Your Suddenly Time is Here!
Your Suddenly Time is Here!

Suddenly Without Warning

Over the last three years, I have heard the word “suddenly” many times. Either in a prophetic message to myself or by a prophet in an article. When you hear this word, what comes to your mind? For me, I think of God intervening in my destiny, my circumstances financially changing, my children stepping suddenly into something new, my business suddenly exploding with new clients, and many more. This word continues to be very powerful for me and I want to share why it is equally powerful for the body of Christ.

There are over 167 incidences of seeing the word “suddenly” in the Bible. With that many, we have to dive deeper into understanding what this word meant to God and His people. On the word suddenly is defined as “done quickly, without warning, or unexpectedly”. God wanted His people to know that no matter what their circumstance, without warning, what was impossible can become possible because of God’s sudden intervention.

Jesus was tempted in the desert for 40 days and 40 nights when a suddenly occurred for Him. We read in Matthew 4:10-11,

“But Jesus said, ‘Go away, enemy! For the Scriptures say: Kneel before the Lord your God and worship only him.’ At once the accuser left him, and angels suddenly gathered around Jesus to minister to his needs.”

This is how the Lord works in our lives. When you least expect it, God shows up and instantly your destiny can change. So how do you and I prepare for the “Suddenly”? We don’t. As we step out in faith with Christ and continue to say “YES” in obedience to His will, God will move mountains for us His beloved children.

Wait for it!

Maybe you are waiting for a promotion or for your location to change and you’ve been seeking the Lord on this matter. My suggestion to you is to wait for it. As we are in the waiting, God is working behind the scenes for us. I am a living testimony of waiting for God. Only five years ago I begged the Lord to take me from my job and give me time with Him daily. I cried out to Him, day and night. As I waited, many people from my company came to know Jesus as Savior. I witnessed lives rapidly changed in front of me. But my situation wasn’t changing in the time frame I was hoping for. Still, I knew my suddenly was coming.

“At once the accuser left him, and angels suddenly gathered around Jesus to minister to his needs.”

As I waited patiently for the Lord, my suddenly came and I got let go from my company. That was just two years ago. Since then, I have written three books, launched a business and seen many lives across the globe impacted for Jesus. Brothers and sisters, wait for the Lord. In the waiting is when He will prune you and get you ready for your suddenly that will be happening at any moment.

Let me leave you with the words from our Father in heaven when Jesus rose from the dead and was visiting the disciples in Matthew 17:5, “But while Peter was still speaking, a radiant cloud composed of light spread over them, enveloping them all. And God’s voice suddenly spoke from the cloud, saying, ‘This is my dearly loved Son, the constant focus of my delight. Listen to him!’”

Be alert but quiet enough to hear God speak to you today through His word. Suddenly you will see your destiny change!! Are you ready for it? I will be praying you are encouraged to wait for your suddenly by hearing these words today.

This article was written by Rhonda Kitabjian who is an author, entrepreneur, visionary leader and motivator, Rhonda leads Royal Business Consulting, where she helps leaders reach their full potential.


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