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Your Talent In God’s Hands

"The one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.” – 1 John 4:4

Your Talent In God’s Hands
Your Talent In God’s Hands

What happens when we put what little we have into God’s hands?

Busy lifestyle, corporate culture, struggle against the ‘crab mentality’ have taken a vital place in our lives. We all too easily accept what this world has to offer and fail to see the potential of “what is in our hands”.

What is in your hand?

The staff in the hands of Moses was a mere stick cut from a branch of a tree, shaped and smoothed to be used by a shepherd. In itself, the stick has no significance to the world. (Exodus 4: 2 to 4) The staff in the Lord’s hand made the difference, it led a nation out of bondage.

The decayed jaw bone of a donkey, how useless is that? Dead, rotten and smelly. But in the hands of Samson who was filled with the Spirit of the Lord, it became a shield of protection that brought down ‘a thousand men’ (Judges 15:15).

The five loaves of bread and two fishes in the little boy’s hand was a mere lunch box to everyone but in the hands of Jesus it became a treat to the multitude. (John 6: 5 to 9) 

But when it’s in God’s hands…

Your talent in the world’s hand becomes a mundane activity but in God’s hands, it is a scepter that can make history.

Your skill is not ordinary in the market place. The Lord works ALL things for our good to fulfill His purpose. The extraordinary will happen as you place what’s in your hand into God’s hands. You are made for a kingdom purpose and ordained to change circumstances, change lives, to make history.


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