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You’re Never Alone And Never Forgotten

The Father made you unique and He loves who He made.

You’re Never Alone And Never Forgotten
You’re Never Alone And Never Forgotten

The Father wrote all about you in His book of life. Your life is not random and your birth was not a mistake, an accident, or mistimed. God has invested an incredible amount of creative energy and intentionality in designing and creating you the way that He did. You are unique and carry an expression of God that no other human being ever has or ever will. God planned you before the world was made. He chose your personality, your DNA, your dreams and the time of your arrival on earth. God smiled on the day He created you because He saw that His creation was “very good”! He chose your character and you bring Him great joy.

Your Father, Your Protector

He declares that you are beautiful and beloved, and chooses your assignment and purpose.  You were made to bless His creation, find personal fulfillment and bring Him great glory. God is always watching over you, He does today and will forever. He never loses sight of you or is distracted from you. Continually, He nurtures your spirit and blesses you with His endless and completely unconditional love daily.  He sees your potential rather than your shortcomings.

The deep longing of His heart is simply that you nestle up to Him as Father, become entwined with Jesus, and are responsive to the gentle prompts of the Holy Spirit. You can bring something to this world that no other person can by being the “you” God created. Other people in your sphere of influence need the deposit that God placed in you to be manifest and available. Celebrate your miraculous design and unique purpose.


You are the apple of your Father’s eye, part of Jesus’ bride, and the delight of the Holy Spirit. He makes sure you never were and never will be abandoned or alone. You have always belonger to Him; you are not an orphan! God promises:  “I am always with you and everything I have is yours.” Finally, may you encounter the tangible expression of His blessing, His favour, and His presence each and every day of your life regardless of your situation and circumstances.


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