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GOD TV Has High Hopes for Zimbabwe

Christians have been calling out to God for years and He has answered our prayers

GOD TV Has High Hopes for Zimbabwe
GOD TV Has High Hopes for Zimbabwe

High Hopes for Zimbabwe

Since GOD TV started airing in Zimbabwe in 2002 the network has sought to see positive change in the country. 2002 was also the year I joined GOD TV in the UK as a journalist from Africa and it has been wonderful to see how Christian media has made a difference in the Southern African nation these past 15 years. I have read many emails from viewers describing us as a lifeline and letters thankful to GOD TV for bringing a message of hope.

Zimbabwe has long been a place of turmoil and together with Christians worldwide, the GOD TV team and the GOD TV family have been praying for years for breakthrough. We thank God that following the resignation of Robert Mugabe, the country now stands on the threshold of a better future. We join with all believers praying for a lasting change.

“I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. (Psalm 27:13)

I was in my final year of school when Robert Mugabe became President. The people had such hopes but they were short-lived. My first job was as a reporter at the Herald in Harare and it was hard to watch the country embark on a downward spiral. A mass Exodus of all races ensued as the country went “from breadbasket to basket case” as Bishop Desmond Tutu so aptly described. My family and friends who remain in Zimbabwe are my heroes. They have been through so much. Thankfully, we now stand on the brink of a new start for Zimbabwe. And it can’t just be Zanu-PF business as usual. We must see real democratic change with a transitional government that includes all parties and new elections.

When all hope seemed lost…

Over the years we have seen Zimbabwe brought to its knees by the oppressive policies of its leader for 37 years, former President Mugabe. We watched in horror as we witnessed a foreshadow of the apocalyptic warning of a coming day when “a loaf of bread would cost a day’s pay.” (Revelation 6:6). At the height of Zimbabwe’s hyperinflation crisis, a loaf cost 10 trillion dollars! This may sound unbelievable in today’s’ world, but it happened. The worthless Zim dollar notes are evidence. I still have a trillion dollar note – they are sold to tourists at Harare Airport as a novelty. Moreover, we have seen the tragic reports of starving people.

The nation was crippled financially and worse still thousands were murdered by the Mugabe regime. Poverty, unemployment, and despair engulfed the country and there was a mass exodus to South Africa and many other nations as some literally fled for their lives. It seemed the country would never recover. Mugabe stubbornly clung to power, despite his advanced years, thwarting all democratic initiatives to bring change. Zanu-PF rigged election after election and all hope seemed lost – except God’s people were praying.

Millions of prayers were sent heavenward as an oppressed people called out to God. Zimbabweans of the diaspora (I have met so many in churches across the UK) have been trusting God for a turnaround for their country for years. Christian leaders have stood bravely for positive change in the country. These include heroes like Pastor Evan Mawarire of #ThisFlag, who Mugabe arrested many times. And there have been prophecies of God’s intervention, but nothing seemed to change, until recently.

Hope for a new Zimbabwe

In November 2017 the news broke that the Zimbabwe military had ousted Robert Mugabe from power and put him under house arrest. Multitudes of people gathered in the streets of Harare to protest against his oppressive rule and prayer rallies called for change. We saw the news reports and the What’s App messages from family and friends in Zim including many Christians sharing news of many prayer rallies.

Finally, Mugabe resigned and Emmerson Mnangagwa was inaugurated as the nation’s new President.  He is known as ‘the crocodile’ and has staunchly supported Mugabe for years. Nobody can be sure that he will be any different, however, it seems he understands the clear will of the people for lasting change. During his inauguration speech, he struck a reconciliatory tone, talking about forgiveness and compensation and that augurs well for the future of the country.

There is definitely a mood of hope amongst the people of Zimbabwe. As Pastor Evan posted (from Psalm 27:13), “I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.”  This is the great hope of believers in Zimbabwe and of the many Christians praying for the country worldwide, many of which are part of the Zimbabwean diaspora. Furthermore, leading prophetic voices have shared how they see God is going to turn the country around in an amazing way. One of these is Cindy Jacobs of Generals International, who has a series on GOD TV entitled ‘God Knows’.

Zimbabwe will be like a jewel

In 1998 Cindy prophesied that God would use Zimbabwe like a jewel, bringing reconciliation between black and white and that the country would once again feed the world. “Zimbabwe has the ministry of reconciliation that will reunite the African people,” she said. “The anointing of reconciliation will be all over Zimbabwe. ‘Although it looks like you are going backwards,’ the Lord says, ‘I have a plan for you. Satan thinks he is advancing but I will expose wickedness at high levels. Do not be afraid.’

“Satan will try to bring war, but the people will stop war and bloodshed… Zimbabwe will bring healing to the nations. It will come through trickery, and God will restore it,” Cindy said.

Zimbabwe – a nation restored

This was an extraordinary prophecy yet the situation got worse. Then, in October 2001 Cindy gave another word of encouragement. “The Lord has a word for Zimbabwe,” she said. “Weeping only endures for a night but joy comes in the morning,” she said quoting Psalm 30:5. And the Lord says, ‘I am going to raise up an Army of Intercessors that will go in deep like the palm tree in times of drought. This Army of Intercessors will cling to the word of the Lord, so therefore I will use them to heal Africa,’ says God.

” ‘And I am going to release a mighty prayer army that will go forth from this land.’ And the Lord says, ‘I am going to stay this spirit of violence and I am going to begin to reverse things in this land. Don’t look at what you see now, but understand that I am going to make this a peace-making nation.’

“Finally, the Lord says, ‘I the Prince of Peace am going to enthrone myself in miraculous ways there,’ says God. ‘This country will be peaceful. Restoration will come’.” Cindy concluded by sharing how God had given her scriptures from the book of Joel for Zimbabwe. “God is going to restore the years the locust has eaten,” she said prophesying that the country would become ‘a Joel nation’.

GOD TV – making a difference in Zimbabwe

Over the past 15 years, GOD TV has been available free to air via satellite in Zimbabwe with many people regarding the network as a lifeline. Viewers have been able to receive encouragement from God in the face of enormous trials, even farmers living in remote areas trusting God for justice, righteousness and peace to prevail. It is no wonder then, that Cindy prophesied in 2004 how GOD TV would make an impact in the country.

“I see Africa opening up to you, especially Zimbabwe. I cannot tell you the urgency there is for believers in Zimbabwe right now. Of all the nations of Africa Zimbabwe must have your teaching right now.”

GOD TV Africa and the team in Cape Town remain as committed as ever to help Zimbabwe achieve its God-given destiny. Let’s  continue to pray for the nation’s leaders and for the people of Zimbabwe. Through inspirational programming, GOD TV will continue to encourage the people of Zimbabwe to believe God for great breakthrough and reach further in Him as they rebuild their country.

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